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In our efforts to stay abreast of what's happening on the web site front we do a lot of reading. We frequently come across articles that are pertinent to our clients. Some of these articles talk about planning your web site, some are about search engine positioning, and others are just good information to have. We would like to share some of these articles with you. We hope you will find these articles as helpful as we do.

Is there a difference when writing for the Internet?

WebProNews - September 10th, 2001 - As a writer for a multitude of projects from web site content to detailed business plans all the way to press releases and promotional material, I've noticed one major difference in writing for the Internet versus writing for other channels of communication. Primarily writing good copy is essentially the same no matter where it's presented but writing for the Internet requires one important distinction. That distinction is less verbiage with more impact!

Strategic Web Site Planning

WebProNews - April 24th, 2001 - The Internet has finally evolved as an essential marketing tool. The latest figures estimate that 50% of American households have a computer. Most businesses use the Internet for some business related function. B2B marketing (business to business), CRM (customer relation management) and SCM (supply chain management) are the key areas of business related growth on the Internet.

What Makes A Person Want To Come Back To Your Site?

WebProNews - May 1st, 2001 - According to Arthur Andersen, the highly regarded online information company:
The ratings were based from 0 to 100% with the higher the percentage, the more important the issue.

Choosing the right keywords

What is the single most important thing you can do to insure the success of your website?
Choose the right keywords.
Why is that, with all of the highly effective search engine strategies that we can employ? It's rather simple. If you don't choose the right keywords, all of your other strategies won't help you at all, because those strategies build on top of choosing the right keywords.

Business Web Pages Should ALWAYS Have...

Web Pro News - 6/11/01 - The main Web page for a business should load in 10-15 seconds or less.
The biggest mistake made by new businesses on the net is trying to impress customers with a fancy, super-duper all-action web page that takes 10 minutes to load. Problem is, after the first 30 seconds your potential customer is gone! He or she is off surfing a competitor's page.

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