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Web Development

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AmmaGrafix offers innovative web site design/development services in addition to search engine optimization and internet marketing strategies. We provide both totally customized sites as well as more affordable alternatives. Our unique 5-Step Web Impact Formula is based on a highly interactive process, which immediately focuses on our Clients' specific objectives. We pride ourselves on our distinctive design style and user friendly navigation. We believe that there is no place for the "BACK" button in navigation.
Our professional web design team guides our customers through the entire process from initial strategic Internet marketing development to design and construction, to timely deployment and a program for increasing your search engine rankings. We ensure the long-term success of our clients' Internet presence through diligent market research and long-term support. Examples of our web design formula consist of the following:
  1. Laying the Web Foundation
  2. Using Innovative Web Architecture
  3. Constructing the Web Site
  4. Optimizing for Search Engines
  5. Website Housekeeping and Maintenance
For those businesses who wish to sell their products online, we offer a complete e-Commerce solution that is tailored to meet YOUR needs in a surprisingly cost effective manner.
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AmmaGrafix is a member of these fine organizations

HTML Writers Guild
International Webmasters Association
Internet Professional Publisher's Association
Certified Web Positioner

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