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Step 1. Building the foundation

Having a successful presence on the Internet starts at the foundation. Just like constructing a building, your web site needs a plan. We donít begin construction until we have a clear blueprint of where you want to be when itís finished.
We start our process with a strategy meeting between your company and our key managers handling your project. At this meeting we uncover the key issues, provide general advice, and ultimately finish with a mutual understanding of the objectives and general design of the Web site to be constructed. Some of the major topics include:
  • Developing an understanding of your current business functions
  • Determining your target audience
  • Analyzing your current marketing efforts and medium
  • Determining a clear objective for your Internet presence
  • Developing a preliminary list of content to be provided in your Web site.

Overview || 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Next      View our portfolio

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