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Step 4. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines can generate a lot of traffic to your site...but only if you come up in the top 30. Did you know that over 80% of Internet users find what they are looking for by using Search Engines? You have made a large investment in developing your web site. Can you afford not to optimize your site so that the Search Engines work for you?
We are certified Web Position Consultants who use our extensive knowledge about how search engines and directories work to give you the advantage over your competition. As a matter of fact, some of our clients have shown as much as a 350% increase in traffic after only TWO months in our optimization program! Our Search Engine Friendly optimization package includes inserting meta tags, customized page titles and descriptions, use of "alt" tags and other "transparent" material that is the basis for future advanced optimization. We will submit your site to at least 10 of the major search engines.
The process of registering your site with the various Search Engines is time-consuming and some Engines can take six to eight months to list your site. Web sites frequently have to be registered several times before they are listed. After your site is accepted into the Search Engines' databases, you have to worry about whether there are hundreds of similar sites that come up higher in the list than yours. If your site is in the top 20-30 you have the best chance of generating increased traffic. And the process doesn't stop once you get registered and reach your placement goals. Each search engine has its own criteria for determining rankings and they change from week to week. You may rank number two in Yahoo this week and number 40 next week. It requires constant management to achieve and maintain your standings. Our maintenance process includes:
  • Developing an Optimization Plan which focuses on your major key words
  • Implementing design features including "transparent material" visible only to the search engines and updating this material as Search Engine indexing criteria changes
  • Re-registering your site as needed, according to each search engine's specifications for optimum exposure
  • Creating doorway/gateway pages as needed
  • Submitting regular reports to you that show where your website currently ranks and which ones you are registered with.
  • Creating a Site Map that serves as a Table of Contents to the Search Engines as well as your prospective clients.
  • Constant research on the changing Search Engine technology and requirements for high placement
We offer two maintenance programs depending on your needs. If we build your website we offer a monthly Maintenance Program that continues on from where the Search Engine Friendly plan leaves off. If you already have a website, we offer a FREE consultation to review your site and determine what steps need to be taken. This plan usually consists of a one-time charge for implementing the Basic Optimization plan, and a monthly Maintenance Program. If you would like us to review your site and provide you with a bid for optimizing your website, please fill out the form below.



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